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Blair Academy

Blair Academy is a dynamic, co-educational boarding school located in Blairstown New Jersey where students in grades 9-12 pursue a superior college preparatory education. 

We were connected with Blair Academy through a mutual colleague. After a warm introduction to Suzy, their Assistant Head of School for Strategic Communications, we got on a quick call to discuss needs and see if we got along.


Blair was in need of graphic design on a variety of projects, everything from large fundraising booklets to post card sized student hand outs. We went to tour the beautiful campus, met with Suzy and her team, and the Head of School (and his dog!) and soon found that we would be a great fit for what they needed. 


  • Graphic Design

  • Copy Editing

  • Project Management

Graphic Design

New brochures, an infographic, and a campaign case statement are a few things we’ve handled either full designs or remakes for Blair Academy. The first project we worked on was their Campaign Case Statement - the core document that states the most important and valuable facts about their school for specific fundraising campaign purposes. They loved the design and layout - not to mention the thoughtfulness and collaboration of our team. They’ve been coming to us with more projects ever since.


Copy Editing

Blair provided all of the copy for their projects, but requested that we get a third set of eyes on everything. We worked with our independent copy editor to review, edit, and change some words around to ensure everything would be understandable for everyone.


Project Management

Once we received projects from Blair, we took over and achieved their goals within their scope, time frame, and budget. It’s been easy to keep our team on track due to how organized and detail oriented Blair’s communication team is. 



We were able to provide Blair Academy with new and improved materials for each and every project they handed to us. We are happy to continue to work with Blair on new projects to show the world how great a school they are, and we value the ongoing relationship through which we’ve been able to build a deeper level of trust with our client. 

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