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Brand Development

The Big Kahuna of our branding services, our brand development offering encompasses the full spectrum of everything you could ever need to bring a new brand to life, or take an existing brand to a whole new level.

A reflection of our expertise and passion for branding, this solution is the perfect storm of the visual and strategic elements for your brand, including your brand definition (your purpose, values, and promise), brand positioning statement, brand messaging, brand identity (colors, design, and logo) and brand guidelines for how it should be used. On top of this essential framework of your brand, we also provide the physical solutions to ensure how it is perceived in the market via packaging/label design, in-store experience (signage, displays) workplace experience, and pricing strategy services.

Just a Logo

Sometimes, you really do need just a logo, and it’s actually one of the facets of branding that we enjoy the most and take immense pride in. For these instances, we offer a complete brand identity solution so that in addition to creating the logo itself, we also provide you with the standards for how it should be used, and the other complementary elements that make it stand out (like typography and color palette). In doing this, we not only make sure that your logo looks fantastic, but we also ensure consistency and professionalism whenever your company is represented by it.

We'll help you find your identity, then show it off. 

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