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Copy Writing

Sure, anyone can write, but being a writer requires an impeccable blend of style, expertise, and lexicon. Our team understands how critical copy is in delivering high-value content to your audience as well as its vital importance in search engine optimization. Whether it's the body of a social media post, the subject for your newsletter, or text for your website, we plan and deliver the insightful content that readers have come to expect. It's not uncommon for our writers to be interviewing your in-house business experts, researching industry trends/data, or connecting with thought leaders in order to fortify their work and deliver the highest value content to your target markets.


Though the adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ tends to make our writers’ blood boil, the efficacy of photography in catching the human eye and/or conveying an idea is unmatched. Our team specializes in a wide array of photography styles to match the needs of your business, with all the necessary equipment to capture almost anything you can think of and edit it to perfection.

Looking for stylish headshots with that beautiful blurry bokeh background? SCI has you covered. Want super high-resolution product images to feature on your website? We’ve got that, too. Need dynamic environmental shots to feature in this year’s annual report? Look no further. Whatever your photography needs, we can make it happen.

Pictures – they’re like descriptions you can see!


Your brain processes visuals far faster than it does text, so naturally videos are an highly effective way of engaging your audience. What may surprise you is that social media ads with video tend to generate twice the volume of clicks and 20-30% more conversions than those with images. Long story short, if you’re not using videos you’re leaving a ton of meat on the bone.

Whether it’s for your website, YouTube account, or social media, our team specializes in providing a comprehensive videography solution which includes scripting, storyboarding, shooting, and editing. In addition to the incredible quality achieved as a result, our process ensures that you get the most content out of every video we shoot - so that :90s company intro video can also be edited into a :30s sizzle video and multiple :10s social media posts, getting you get the most bang for your buck.

We'll help you connect with people in the ways that matter to them.

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