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Gaucho Grills is an Argentine grill manufacturer located in Warrington. They make a beautiful, hand built, made-in-America product.

"Their strength lies in developing a deep understanding of your business and meeting whatever needs might arise."

-Alex Lenicky, President, Gaucho Grills


  • Marketing Strategy

  • Web Design

  • Social Media Management

  • Paid Advertising

Marketing Strategy

As with any long-term client, we wanted to ensure that Gaucho Grills was continually evolving as a brand and staying competitive in the high-end grilling market. As a result, we've provided ongoing marketing strategy that is informed by their analytics (web, social, and sales), market research (competitive analysis, market trends), and new developments on the platforms they are utilizing for marketing.

In collaboration with Gaucho Grills, the Stay Calm Industries Team has developed and their brand voice/tone, their social media strategy, and their ongoing overall marketing strategy.

Web Design

This is where it all started - Building and launching a new website was the initial project that Gaucho Grills brought our team on to do, as they identified their existing web presence as a major weakness at the time.

As we do with all of our clients, we took the time to really educate ourselves on their business, learn about their company and its culture, and ensure that we were armed with the knowledge necessary to build a website that properly represents them. From there, we designed and launched an eye-catching, state-of-the-art website with ecommerce, blog, and newsletter capabilities. integrating it with their social media accounts and Google Analytics.

To this day, we routinely perform ongoing maintenance and updates to their website, and with the Gaucho Grills team we have built a list of proposed features for the next iteration of the website as well (for when the time comes!).

Social Media

Gaucho Grills had the problem every company loves to encounter - they were growing at such a rate that they no longer had the time they knew was needed to devote to social media. They approached our team and we jumped at the opportunity to manage a brand that made such incredible products and grow their followers. We took over their social media when it was under 8,000 followers, and through consistent and strategic deployment of organic posts, stories, video content, and paid social ads they are now over 10,000 followers strong and counting.

The team at Stay Calm Industries is continuously working with Gaucho Grills to optimize their social media presence to stay on top of current trends and best practices. Our goal is to continue evolving their social media to be perpetually relevant and provide the content that appeals most to their followers.


We continue to hold monthly photo shoots for Gaucho Grills, which are used for both their Instagram, over 10,000 followers strong, and website blog section in their “Grill Showcase.” We also have been writing newsletters for their website and running advertisement campaigns on Facebook.

Since working with them for the past two years, their sales have increased roughly 50% year over the past four years. We love working with a company that offers a unique twist to traditional grilling, and it’s great to see them continue growing. Thanks for everything you do, Gaucho Grills!

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