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As renowned purveyors of sustainably-sourced fresh and frozen fish, the Icelandic company Aquafisk and their family of companies have decades of experience in fresh fish procurement and wholesale. However, when it came to the marketing of Iceland Catch, their retail line of frozen Atlantic cod and haddock in the US, they felt like a fish out of water.

They identified that they needed a domestically-based marketing team that not only understood the intricacies of the US market, but could also collaborate them strategically to help grow their brand throughout the country. Upon a strong reference, they reached out to our team at Stay Calm Industries to learn about our capabilities and how we could set them up for success. The rest, as they say, is history.


  • Marketing

  • Branding​

  • Web Design

  • Social Media

  • Photography


Launching a new product line in a new country can be overwhelming for any company, so our team at Stay Calm Industries built out a strategic marketing plan to launch the Iceland Catch brand, with an emphasis on raising awareness and garnering the interest of grocery stores in the northeastern United States. We collaborated with the Iceland Catch team to establish clearly-defined goals and assign metrics as to how they would be measured.

To capitalize on relationships with prominent grocery stores/chains, we developed marketing packages that are easily-deployable in any market that Iceland Catch would expand into, deploying low-cost high-impact tactics for the most effective use of their advertising spend. Under this comarketing plan, Iceland Catch can leverage the reputation that these grocery partners have in their local markets, grow their brand awareness, and influence customers to try their products.


Iceland Catch came to us with a logo, but as we emphasize with all of our clients, your logo is just one facet of what makes up your brand. We took the logo and built out their brand standards, including their voice, tone, imagery, and usage rules so that everything they appear on, from websites to billboards to digital ads, has a consistent look and feel - an absolute necessity for a new player in the frozen fish market.


In establishing their US presence, building a dynamic website that appealed to consumers and distributors alike was of utmost importance to Iceland Catch. They explained their vision and gave us a warm handoff from their Iceland-based web designer, and we hit the ground running.

We built their website to align with their brand, and wanted to emphasize the key selling points of their products - quality, freshness, and sustainability. We wanted to ensure that Iceland Catch's website functioned as a resource for valuable information on their products, including educating them on the types of fish offered, informing them how Iceland Catch does frozen fish better than anyone else, and even provide recipes for a variety of methods to prepare meals around their products.

Social Media

A consistent and content-rich use of social media is critical to the success of any brand in the long run, and that is even more evident in the case of brand launching and establishing itself in a new market. Our team helped not only build the social media presence of Iceland Catch on Instagram and Facebook, but developed their content strategy to routinely connect with their followers as they grew.

Our organic social media efforts were augmented by deployment of paid social media campaigns to broaden the audience to which Iceland Catch's was pushed and to increase the frequency in which followers saw the content. This allowed for us to grow the number of followers Iceland catch had for each social media account and ensure that our content was more easily being seen.


Considering the litany of tactics our team planned deploying with Iceland Catch, we needed to make sure we had a deep library of visuals to utilize on platforms like their website, social media, and digital ads. To shoot the quantity and quality of photography we would need, we proposed a trip to Iceland to capture the essence of Iceland Catch at it's source. Our embraced this opportunity to the fullest, photographing a variety of subjects, from scenic photos of the Icelandic countryside to action shots of fish being filleted (and almost everything in between).

In addition, at a very early stage we identified a challenge with deployment in the US market - American consumers were not particularly knowledgeable in the wide variety of ways to prepare cod and haddock. In order to empower consumers and drive them to buy additional product, we teamed up with a renowned local chef to build recipes and capture photography of the cooking process and finished dishes. Deployment of these on the Iceland Catch website and social media accounts has been a wildly successful way of educating and engaging potential customers.


In addition to launching the brand within two months of initial contact (February 2020 to April 2020), Iceland Catch has seen continuous growth in product sales, website visits, and social media followers/engagement.

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