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Strategic Marketing Plans

Morris Chang infamously said, "Strategy without execution is useless, and execution without strategy is aimless." Our team lives this mantra, and our marketing strategy services are reflective of that.

Every successful team needs a playbook, and our team specializes in crafting the business equivalent of that - a custom-tailored strategic marketing plan to help you achieve your business goals. We start by reviewing those goals, ensuring that they are specific and attainable. From there we set key performance indicators to quantify marketing-specific goals and track our progress/success. Then, we take a deep dive into your business, performing market research, defining your target markets, and developing a positioning statement to frame the benefit you provide to your targets. This process is capped off by an execution plan that brings each tactic to life, including timelines, milestones, prerequisites for completion, and best practices for ongoing tracking of outcomes.

This process results in a strategic marketing plan customized to your goals, and a process of how to achieve them.

Competitive Analysis

In a business sense, the word 'competitor' generally conjures up thoughts of bitter rivalries and the perpetual thorns in your side that are a threat to your market share. Despite the negative connotation most companies have toward their competition, they actually supply you with a vast body of work to learn from.

In performing an in-depth analysis of your competition, our team delves into the competitive landscape of your market and starts mining for gold in it. We leverage your expertise as well as independent market research to find who are the biggest threats to your market share, and build out a detailed report of findings for each. This not only includes the products they are selling and their company as a whole, but what their current marketing strategy is, digital analysis (both social and digital advertising), pricing analysis, and key takeaways. This wealth of information serves as a resource for optimizing your marketing strategy, allowing us to learn both the successes and the missteps of your rivals and how we can combat them most effectively.

Automation & Lead Nurturing

The idea of marketing automation can be intimidating. And while we love that it sounds like something you'd see in Minority Report, what this really consists of is building processes to execute everyday (often tedious) marketing activities to connect you more effectively with your potential customers.

We create customized automated workflows for things as simple as "thank you" emails for newsletter signups, to complex highly-technical lead nurturing campaigns for specific audience segments based on an arsenal of prerequisites and triggers. We pride ourselves on harnessing the power of the inbound marketing methodology to assist potential customers in moving down the sales funnel in an organic way that provides them with the information they need at the time they need it. The possibilities are endless with what we can do with marketing automation, and it can save endless hours of work, all while supplying your sales team with highly-qualified leads to close on.

Execution Plans

So you've got a first-class marketing strategy. Congratulations! That is going to be an absolute game-changer for your business. But how can you turn this vision into a reality? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Our team has a history of not only creating strategic marketing plans, but executing them to perfection. We take the tactics built out in your marketing plan and provide you with the guidance you need to make them a reality. This includes everything from timing and deadlines (when planning should start, when content/creative should be approved by, submission date, and when the tactic will launch) to milestones for keeping you on track, to who should be executing each part of the process (If internally, which employee? If externally, what vendor? If collaboratively, which parties?). From here, you can either take the plan and hit the ground running, or we can manage the entire process for you. Either way, we ensure you are set up to succeed.

We'll help you work smarter while we work harder.

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