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Social Media Management

Our team is willing and eager to manage all aspects of your company’s social media presence. This means everything from building out content schedules, to crafting your posts (including copy), to performing client reviews/approvals, to deploying your posts. We oversee all your social media handles across every platform to ensure consistency in appearance, content, and tone across the board. You’re welcome to be as involved or as hands-off as you’d like – either way we’ll handle the heavy lifting.

Check out a fun Mario Day post we did for ourselves...

And find Part 2 & Part 3 on our Instagram!

Social Media Strategy

Social media has firmly established itself as an integral way for companies to connect with their followers and the communities they work in. Unfortunately, we still see plenty of businesses who use it as an afterthought. Then ability to deliver valuable content to an engaged following is critical, and our team works hard to strategically plan how you can best leverage that opportunity. From voice and tone to content and cadence, we build highly-effective social media plans to strengthen your brand and create consumer advocates.

With SCI, gone are the days of, “What should we post on social today?” We make sure that your social is as thoughtfully planned and orchestrated as the rest of your business.

Interaction Management

Even though it’s called ‘social media’, many companies lose sight of what makes it so special – the opportunity to be social. In addition to building the quality content your followers have come to expect, our team also has the expertise to handle the rapport that you have with you followers. Whether it’s acknowledging positive comments, answering questions, or providing service recovery for negative interactions, our team makes sure that your brand is represented in the best possible way and your followers see your social media as a valuable resource.

We'll help you build a voice that speaks volumes.

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