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The Barn at Walnut Grove

The team at Stay Calm Industries prides itself on receiving referrals from a satisfied customers, and The Barn at Walnut Grove is a perfect example of that. The Barn at Walnut Grove came to us in the early stages of construction of their new wedding and events venue and were looking for a team with experience in that industry to help them launch their brand. A mutual friend connected them to the team at Durham Hill Farms, who sent them our way without hesitation.

Since they were launching their brand and still in the process of constructing the venue itself, that gave our team a blank canvas to help with every part of their marketing, branding, and overall experience, helping to build it from the ground up (metaphorically, at least).


  • Branding

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Website

  • Social Media

  • Advertising

  • Photography


Our first objective with The Barn at Walnut Grove was to truly build that brand. They had an idea of what they wanted based on their knowledge of their industry, but gave us free reign to recommend what we thought fit them best based on our discovery process. We presented them with three options of logo design, and were happy to find out that their preference aligned with ours.

From there, we extrapolated the logo into all of the brand assets that they would need. From color palates to standard fonts to iconography to style guides, we set them up with everything they could need to put their name our there in a impactful and consistent way, and trained them on how to use the brand book provided to them in the most successful way possible.

In addition to their overall branding, the team at Stay Calm Industries has helped ensure that everything on premises at The Barn at Walnut Grove fit their brand. We helped them with design of their onsite signage, the wall mural they had painted (connecting them to a fantastic local mural artist in the process), and other stylistic elements to ensure that everything stayed true to their brand.

Marketing Strategy

The team at The Barn at Walnut Grove clearly had a vision for their event venue and the business plan to make it happen, and we eagerly drew up a strategic marketing plan that could function as their 'marketing playbook', laying out the necessary steps to accomplish their marketing goals, and ultimately helping them achieve overall goals as a business.

As is true to our core philosophy, we built a strategic marketing plan that was completely customized to their business. We crafted their marketing goals based on our ideas and their input, and assigned key performance indicators to measure our success. We broke down distinct marketing initiatives, that served their own specific goals, assigning unique target demographics and tactics required to achieve each. In addition, this document included detailed insights on their market, positioning, and competitive landscape, using that data to create buyer personas and build an ongoing marketing mix to set them up for long-term growth.

Since a playbook is nothing without execution, we bolstered this marketing strategy with an execution plan to make certain that everything could go off without a hitch in a timely and relevant manner to the venue's potential clients. We're happy to report that the team at The Barn at Walnut Grove has been deploying the tactics outlined in this strategy to perfection, and have employed our help consistently along the way.

Web Design

One of the goals that the team at The Barn at Walnut Grove set was to begin scheduling out their events, despite construction still being a work in progress. In order to do that, we knew that launching the website that properly conveyed their beautiful grounds, masterfully-crafted spaces, and premier level of service they provide to their clients.

To execute on that, we built their website from scratch, and used a combination of stylized illustrations of key facets of the property (based on architectural concepts and construction photography), environmental photographs, and detailed copy to craft the most accurate and insightful description of their venue possible without finished interior/exterior building photography and event photography. We built out pages for each of the key spaces of their grounds so that website visitors could leave with an intricate understand of everything The Barn at Walnut Grove has to offer.

The design of their website itself was largely informed by their brand standards that we created, with elements amplified and emphasized to exceptionally useful to clients-to-be. One of our main goals (aside from educating potential clients) was to drive them to act. To do this, we paired our powerful visuals and copy with prominent call-to-action buttons on each page empowering visitors to schedule a private tour of the grounds. Once clicked, users were directed to a succinct form that could inform the event sales team of their needs without inundating the prospect with a plethora of questions.

Social Media

In launching a new venue, our goal was to connect with potential customers for weddings and events alike. For this, we recommended fleshing out presences on preferred social media platforms based on demographic data and build a buzz around the venue, especially prior to the completion of construction.

The team at The Barn at Walnut Grove entrusted us with not only setting up their social media accounts, but crafting a strategy and voice for the social presence of their brand. As this is being written, we are are collaborating with their team to build content calendar and build out posts to deploy in the near future.


For an up and coming wedding/events venue, there aren't typically a ton of ways to amplify the audience your speaking to outside of hitting the wedding expo circuit. The team at The Barn at Walnut Grove are hard at work on that, and in the background we have built out awareness campaigns for paid social media and paid search to fortify there efforts, making sure that the specifically-defined target demographics are seeing the brand and beginning to familiarize themselves with the venue. In addition, we have even deployed an extremely cost-effective digital outdoor presence to increase awareness amongst the general local market. This allows us to ensure that our client's ad budget is utilized conscientiously in a manner that targets the right people, at the right place, at the right time. The sum of all these efforts is accelerated brand awareness that we can scale as the brand continues to grow.


A venue like The Barn at Walnut Grove is a visual playground for a creative team like ours, and we made certain to capture all of the beauty, serenity, and sophistication that the venue has to offer. We scoured the venue, shooting every part of the property to best represent it and entice potential customers to host an event there. This included scenic landscapes, building exteriors, key feature highlights, lifestyle photography, interior spaces (dependent on construction progress), before/after photos, and yes, even the twelve goats that call the grounds home.

That may sound like plenty, but our work is far from over on the photography side of things. Once construction is complete, we'll do professional shots of the interiors and exteriors of each unique space at The Barn at Walnut Grove. Our photographer will even be present at a number of the venue's weddings/corporate gatherings to capture event photography. Feel free to say hi to them if you catch them in the wild!


A unique facet of The Barn at Walnut Grove that we haven't overtly discussed in this case study is the onsite brewery that is part of the venue. A unique feature to a farm-style wedding, this is more than simply another space to entertain. When not in use by event clients, Liberty Call Brewing Co. will stand as a fully-functional micro-brewery, inviting guests from all over to visit, imbibe, and experience this impeccable setting. As a result, we build the Liberty Call Brewing Co. brand as well, and have a multitude of marketing projects in the works to emphasize this part of their business as well.

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