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  • Jesse Honigberg

BRANDING + WEB DESIGN - Yoga, Cooking, and Counseling

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

At Stay Calm Industries, we have a variety of clientele, full of different businesses and people. From local companies and startups, to nonprofits and working individuals, we enjoy collaborating with nearly everyone. If you’re a local business owner or freelancer who wants to grow and expand (but doesn’t want to put in all the effort for marketing), we have you covered. Here are a few examples of some women we’ve worked and how we’ve helped their business


Kate is a fun and creative yoga instructor. She has a passion for education, teaching music to elementary school students, and understands the importance of physical and mental well-being. First, we went on a city wide photoshoot to get some content for her site (including her doing headstands in weird places).

Then, with the website we created, each photo we took links to a section of her site, keeping people informed with her schedule, challenges, services, and workshops. For branding, we created a logo that felt familiar to yoga enthusiasts while also being bold and standing out. Kate is wonderful and we’re delighted to be working with her!


Julissa Roberts - Food Stylist Julissa Roberts is a career chef and freelancer who styles and writes about food. Her work involves a lot of visuals, so she needed a portfolio website to show potential clients and photographers her delicious recipes and food. Each article block links to the full PDF highlighting who the article was for, when it was published, and related articles in her history.

Along with letterhead and business cards, we made Julissa a new logo (that’s also a pretty neat gif). We wanted to build brand identity that took to heart her fun, exuberant Spanish side, so we made her a colorful, bold logo with a yummy taco.

We've had the the pleasure to continue our work with Julissa, as we are always helping clients in the food service industry. She also collaborated with us and our other client, Gaucho Grills, to make some delicious turkey legs on the Argentine grill. You go Julissa!


Melissa Rowen Counseling Melissa Rowen helps people, having over ten years of counseling experience. Her therapeutic approach is strength-based and client-centered, and her main goal is to assist people in bringing positive, desired, and noticeable changes in their lives. Her website needed to be informative and professional, while remaining relaxed and easy to use.

We highlighted her history and qualifications, rates, location, and hours. To help with her brand identify, we wanted to keep Melissa’s logo safe, strong, and calming. We chose a serif font with subdued, relaxing tones. We also made her business cards, mailing envelopes, and letterhead. Thanks Melissa!


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