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CASE STUDY - Glemser

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Located in Bethlehem, PA with offices in Dublin, Ireland and New Delhi, India, Glemser has played a critical role in developing industry-leading content quality management and services.

Since their beginnings with IBM Watson Research and Lehigh University in1987, they have helped numerous life science companies in developing methods and workflows around quality assurance, content (both labeling and test data), and processes to ensure these responsibilities are maintained and easy to do. Their work in pharmaceutical services and information technology has led quality management solutions and services, which continue to meet the needs of their clients as their systems change over time.

Working in the solutions business, Glemser analyses, comprehends, and solves issues related to pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, life sciences, and high tech manufacturing. They utilize emerging technologies, innovative methods, and cloud computing to modernize their clients’ processes. At Stay Calm Industries, we’ve worked with Glemser to rework their brand and website, as well as creating marketing materials to help grow their client base.



In our efforts to refresh Glemser’s identity, we based our logo from their three pillars: Quality, Content, and Process (more explained about that later). Each of the pillars are made from three dark blue circles that intertwine, showing the complexity, precision, and overlapping nature of Glemsers core brand tenets. These circles have a schematic design, linking together to create Borromean rings.

Old logo (above) and new logo (below)

This gives their logo a sense of togetherness, as each pillar visually represents Glemser’s commitment to their clients. Their name is next to the logo in Montserrat bold, in a shade of blue-so-dark-it’s-almost-black. We found that this logo defines their core messaging, with each blue circle representing a part of “The Glemser Way” in a clear, defined manner. This new brand stands out more than their former logo, scrapping the "technologies" for a more bold and effective identity.



Homepage Over the course of designing a new website for Glemser, it was essential to explain to clients who Glemser is, what they provide, and how their process works. Right when entering the website, bold letters tell a short summary of what Glemser is about:

We found this to be a nice opening summary to what Glemser does, ensuring that potential clients know if they’re in the right place or not. Further scrolling down the homepage includes quick overviews of the three pillars, with “learn more” buttons below each brief synopsis. The homepage also includes a section about what Glemsers history, who they are, and how they do what they do. In the footer of each page you see a Sitemap to make navigation easy, contact information for each main office, as well as social media links and a newsletter sign up form.

Pillars Each page explaining the pillars includes definitions, how Glemser approaches these major parts of their business, downloadable PDF portfolios, and a list of case studies. On these pages you also see large, easy to notice and use Call To Actions, which allow a potential client to either reach out with a question, or schedule a meeting time directly with a sales person.

Video Production Content We partnered with Jason Belkov from Modern Story to make videos for the website, with employees explaining their process behind how the company functions and an inside look at the office. This includes more content for their ‘About’ page, which has a three minute video on their corporate culture and workplace, along with short introductory clips of the Glemser Team. There is also a history timeline, looking at how Glemser has progressed over the past 30+ years.

The Method page provides an in-depth look at their process, which includes their three major steps; Analysis, Innovation, and Implementation. We began the video series “Regulatory Ray,” featuring the CEO himself, Ray Glemser. The purpose of the series is to show people the experience Glemser has, which includes business process design, regulatory compliance, increased quality, and other significant business benefits as a result of working with Glemser.

More We provided a list of strategic partners that enable Glemser to do things better, faster, and more sustainably. Each of these technology providers have descriptions of what they do, how Glemser helps them, and clinical studies to show their work.

The blog section has content to keep clients caught up with press releases and how Glemser helps clients, laying down the foundations for “The Glemser Way.” Lastly, we have an easy way to contact them and submit RFP/RFI. Their links to Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube are all in the top right-hand corner.


Marketing Once we had a solid concept of what they do, and could express it in a simple sentence, we started building their marketing strategy. Taking the time to understand what a company does is vitally important to us, as without that understanding, we won’t be able to do an effective job.

Pill bottle
Pill Bottle Label (for marketing purposes). Included with the Intro Box above in addition to a “RX Pad” notepad and pen. We sourced the bottle, designed the label, and worked with our printer to have each recipient’s name printed on the label they were receiving.

We worked with the Glemser sales and marketing team to build a sales presentation for them to explain to potential clients who they are, and what makes them unique. This includes an overview of what Glemser does, how they do it, and examples of their work. Additionally, we created new PowerPoint templates to ensure that the team was on the same page with their presentations, and make sure it lined up with the new brand standards.

Test Print of Intro Box. We always make sure our concepts and designs work before we send them off to print, so we made this miniature version of the Glemser box to make sure it folded the way we pictured it.

We created new marketing materials with their refreshed brand, including this press box and pill container. These materials are simple and straightforward, serving as memorable introductions to potential clients of Glemser.

Overall, we’re happy with the work we’ve done for Glemser. Their website is both very informative and aesthetically pleasing, and with this new, sleek look, we’re looking forward to seeing the company progress and grow!

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