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About us

About Us

Let's get down to it: 

Established in 2013, our company is a full-service creative marketing agency with a distinctive approach that sets us apart. We take pride in doing things differently, evident in the playful atmosphere of our office (note the nerf guns, stickers, NASA fridge, and a fully equipped workshop). Despite being a small, close-knit team, we excel at working swiftly and efficiently. To complement our already considerable skills, we collaborate with a network of trusted freelancers. While we do have a physical office, we also embrace remote work, allowing flexibility for our team members. Above all, we hold our company culture in high regard, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie that underpins our success.

Meet The Team


Evan Johnson

Creative Director + Owner

Evan Johnson, owner and founder of Stay Calm Industries, is an accomplished creative director and photographer. Founding SCI over ten years ago, Evan has grown his company into a boutique full-service creative and advertising agency serving Pennsylvania and the surrounding East Coast. Evan brings a background and set of skills to his work that allows him and his team to complete client projects and campaigns to their highest satisfaction.


With interests ranging from watches, sci-fi, architecture, and menswear, Evan enjoys quiet weekends with his wife Stephanie and dog Lucy. 


Dani Krempasky

Digital Marketing Manager

Hi, I'm Dani, short for Danielle. I have been the Digital Marketing Manager here at Stay Calm Industries since early December 2022. Part of what I do here is create, manage and analyze clients' social media accounts including organic and paid advertising as well as google search advertising. I also do a lot of the copywriting for things like websites, blogs, newsletters, and (mostly) social media posts.


At Stay Calm Industries, I feel lucky to work with the people and clients that I do. My favorite thing about working here is simple, the work environment and the people. It’s not often you get to work at a place that brings good and fun energy to your day-to-day schedule.


In my free time, I like to read and write (for fun), spend time with friends and family and I'm always down for an adventure!


Bri Figueroa

Graphic Designer

Hi, I’m Bri short for Brianna. I’m the graphic designer here at Stay Calm Industries. I started as a freelance graphic designer here, moved my way to part-time, and then soon after, up to full-time!

One of the things I love about working here is that I am able to create a variety of different styles of art depending on the clients we work for. I have the wonderful privilege of creating simple magazine layouts, coffee bags, creative comic-style stickers, aesthetic trailer wraps, and out-of-the-box website building.

In my free time, I enjoy tending to my house plants, drinking craft coffee, hanging out with my floofball cat Plato, and adventuring from the coast to the mountains with my best friends.

Let's get to know one another a little better. 
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