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Allentown has seen an urban revitalization in business and manufacturing industries, in part thanks to the Allentown Economic Development Corporation. The AEDC has undertaken massive projects, helping with the development of the PPL CenterThree City CenterAmerica on Wheels Museum, and numerous other buildings.

Since 1979, the AEDC has done a lot for the Lehigh Valley, yet their work often goes unnoticed by the general public. That’s why we’ve been working on new brand standards, an updated website, rebuilt logo, physical marketing materials, and more to show the people of the Lehigh Valley the importance of the AEDC.­­

"I appreciate them taking the time to educate themselves on our complex industry."

-R. Scott Unger, Executive Director, AEDC



  • Marketing

  • Branding

  • Web Design

  • Print Design

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Our work with the Allentown Economic Development Corporation has led to growing brand awareness about the company. Their presentations are all uniform, looking more clean and professional to fit their new brand and image. With the new website that’s easier to navigate, they have all of their information clearly laid out for anyone to see and learn.

As more people begin to know and understand what they do, their redesign has increased click through rates on their newsletter, which is lays out important information regarding project timelines, promoting businesses, updates of their redevelopment efforts, and so much more. With three to four articles being released each month, this newsletter keeps people up to date on the AEDC’s different incubators with press releases and visions for the future.

Additionally, their social media is strong and active as it’s updated regularly to keep people up to date with what projects and work is being done, along with fun facts about Allentown and the area surrounding the Bridgeworks Enterprise Center. Thank you to AEDC’s Marketing and Communications Specialist, Erin Hudson, for all of her hard work in making sure the AEDC brand is well represented!

Thanks to their team and the resources around them, they are able to communicate important information to the public, like what they are working on and what effect they have to people in the Greater Allentown area.

The AEDC is a very important client of ours that has done a lot for the city of Allentown. We are proud to be working with a company that plays such a vital role to the Lehigh Valley’s economic development and job employment.

"Moving forward the new brand, look, and messaging will be pushed out in all of our marketing tactics, including email marketing, print and digital advertising campaigns, social media and even onsite signage."

-R. Scott Unger, Executive Director, AEDC

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