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About us

About Us

Let's get down to it: 

  • We've been in business since 2013

  • We're a full-service creative marketing agency

  • We do things differently (note the nerf guns, stickers, NASA fridge, and work shop)

  • We're a small team that works fast and efficiently

  • We work with trusted freelancers to expand our (already considerable) skills

  • We have an office, but some of us work remotely

  • We deeply value our company culture

Meet The Team


Evan Johnson

Creative Director + Owner

The term “creative” isn’t just a word that describes Evan’s work, it’s truly the essence of his being. Everything he touches is enriched with a degree of thoughtful creativity that attracts attention and leaves a lasting impression. From the brands he’s built, to the designs he illustrates, to the SCI headquarters itself, Evan breathes an extraordinary level of meticulous artistry into everything he does.

An unquenchable thirst for knowledge is paramount to Evan’s creative expertise. His ability to seamlessly immerse himself in the industry of every client to identify pain points, business needs, and growth opportunities allows him to provide highly impactful  solutions that help businesses flourish.


Lottie Castronova

Social media + PR

When it comes to social media and PR, Lottie is a SCI’s resident superhero. She watchfully patrols the mean streets of Gotham (a.k.a. our clients’ social media and PR presence), providing direction, navigating challenges, and setting them up for success. Lottie not only creates custom social media strategies for each of our clients, but she builds and manages their content as well, crafting detailed social media calendars and even providing first-class interaction management. What really sets her apart though is her innate ability to analyze results in real time and strategically adapt to optimize results. 

For social media, Lottie is the hero your company deserves AND the one it needs right now.


Rick Oskowis

Strategy + Accounts

In the marketing world, Rick is a bit of a unicorn. Guided by his detail-oriented tactical approach and a passion for high-impact creative, he prides himself on delivering extraordinary marketing strategies accentuated by out-of-the-box visuals, going to remarkable lengths to execute both of those aspects to perfection.

Rick brings dynamic, leading-edge marketing expertise combined with an unwavering dedication to ROI-based solutions, seamlessly connecting the dots between our clients and their customers to help them grow.

With Rick, clients gain a true advocate who is not only strategizing for their success but emphatically rooting for it, too.

Let's get to know one another a little better.