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Web design

Web design

Websites might be one of our favorite parts of the job. One of the first services Stay Calm Industries provided, we took advantage of digital know-how and a beginner's mindset to decide how we wanted to do websites.

We follow a three-review process to make sure no one is surprised when we’re done and to ensure we’re delivering what you (and your industry) need. Whether it's B2B or B2C, e-commerce, “reputation check” or a “business card”, we have over a decade of experience building sophisticated, effective, beautiful websites.

Plus, we use platforms we can train you on. That means you get a beautiful, living site that you can update as you need to, not a black box that locks you into a lifetime of charges for minor updates.


More people than ever are aware of how Google (and every other search engine, social media platform, or digital service) changes, filters, and serves what content and results you’re served. Search Engine Optimisation is one of those less fun things that we still take very seriously. Ensuring your website shows at the top of the results for it’s market and industry is a important part of an overall marketing strategy.

We'll help you create your new hardest-working employee.

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