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The barn
at walnut

The team at Stay Calm Industries prides itself on receiving referrals from a satisfied customers, and The Barn at Walnut Grove is a perfect example of that. The Barn at Walnut Grove came to us in the early stages of construction of their new wedding and events venue and were looking for a team with experience in that industry to help them launch their brand. A mutual friend connected them to the team at Durham Hill Farms, who sent them our way without hesitation.

Since they were launching their brand and still in the process of constructing the venue itself, that gave our team a blank canvas to help with every part of their marketing, branding, and overall experience, helping to build it from the ground up (metaphorically, at least). 

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  • Branding

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Website

  • Social media

  • Advertising

  • Photography



A unique facet of The Barn at Walnut Grove that we haven't overtly discussed in this case study is the onsite brewery that is part of the venue. A unique feature to a farm-style wedding, this is more than simply another space to entertain. When not in use by event clients, Liberty Call Brewing Co. will stand as a fully-functional micro-brewery, inviting guests from all over to visit, imbibe, and experience this impeccable setting. As a result, we build the Liberty Call Brewing Co. brand as well, and have a multitude of marketing projects in the works to emphasize this part of their business as well. 


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