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  • Jesse Honigberg

BRANDING - Allentown Economic Development Corporation

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Over the past decade, Allentown has seen an urban revitalization in business and manufacturing industries, in part thanks to the Allentown Economic Development Corporation. The AEDC has undertaken massive projects, helping with the development of the PPL Center, Three City Center, America on Wheels Museum, and numerous other buildings.

The AEDC has done so much for the Lehigh Valley, yet their work often goes unnoticed by the general public. That’s why we’ve been working on new brand standards, an updated website, rebuilt logo, physical marketing materials, and more to show the people of the Lehigh Valley the importance of the AEDC.­­

To make AEDC’s goals more understandable, we divided their work into three pillars, or sub-brands, which helps define what each represents.

Urban Sites concentrates on brownfield reclamation projects, undertaking rehabilitation of buildings with perceived environmental issues.

Urban Made is ­­a combination of business interaction and loan programs for emerging small businesses, helping with loans for equipment, expansion, operating costs, while making sure businesses in Allentown are getting what they need from the city.

Bridgeworks Enterprise Center is a business incubator celebrating their 30-year anniversary, and one of the few in the country concentrating on manufacturing businesses. It's where you'll find our office, among many other small businesses operating from the huge warehouse (the building was originally a Mack Trucks Plant!)

Combined, these three pillars make up the AEDC. We hope that the public can be more aware of the AEDC’s efforts in launching more jobs and benefitting the Lehigh Valley community.


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