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SCI In the News – Evan Johnson Interviewed on Daily Ad Brief’s Marketing Champions

Nationally Recognized Author and Podcaster Howard Wolpuff Sits Down with SCI Owner and Creative Director to Discuss the Ever-Changing Landscape of the Marketing Industry

Stay Calm Industries and our very own Evan Johnson were selected by the team at Daily Ad Brief to be featured on their weekly show Marketing Champions, where host Howard Wolpuff interviews marketing and advertising experts on their business, marketing philosophy, and the latest trends in advertising.

Howard Wolpuff of Daily Ad Brief’s Marketing Champions interviews Evan Johnson, owner and creative director at Stay Calm Industries on the company, marketing trends, and industry insights.

“Our approach is based on helping to create the product and bring that product to market, whatever that means for the client.”

In the interview, Wolpuff tapped into Johnson’s expertise around creative solutions for clients, how those solutions can valuable to the revenues of their companies, and the kinds of conversations he is having with clients. Johnson went onto explain how client relationships and trust are critical to success.

“We do good work, that creates results, the results bring trust, and that trust allows us to do more interesting work… The relationship and the trust is what’s really important to us.”

Evan joins elite companies as one of under 200 marketing experts in the country to be featured on the program, all from different backgrounds and each with their own unique take on marketing as a whole. When asked about what makes Stay Calm Industries unique, his response was perfectly on-brand:

“We’re flexible, all overlap in areas of expertise, and handle everything from branding to ad sales in industries from frozen fish to medical device sales. We refuse to have a niche.”

You can watch the full video and learn more about Daily at Brief at

About Daily Ad Brief

Daily Ad Brief is an all-in-one online source for daily news and cutting-edge trends tailored to and about digital and media marketing agencies, providing readers with the latest breaking news and informative video interviews with business leaders and industry experts.

Daily Ad Brief is home to a variety of marketing and advertising-related programs like Marketing Champions, AdTastic, and Marketing For Your Future.

On their program Marketing Champions, Host Howard Wolpuff virtually interviews premier marketing, advertising, and creative experts to get their insights on everything from client service to marketing strategy to strategic growth. The program highlights the multitude of ways that agencies are approaching the changing landscape of the marketing industry as a whole, and how they’re adapting their business to meet the evolving needs of their clientele.

Marketing Champions is a weekly video series from Daily Ad Brief where media experts from across the country are interviewed about current trends in the marketing and advertising industries.

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