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Out of the Box Thinking

A Way to Get Our Creative Gears Turning

As a creative marketing agency, thinking outside of the box is one of our specialties. And while we can’t always do exactly what we want with clients, we can always get extra creative with our own brand. Sticker Mule has been our go-to partner for custom stickers, labels, magnets, buttons, pins, and keychains for years now.

It’s very rare that we at Stay Calm Industries don’t jump on a Sticker Mule sale. Once our Creative Director, Evan, sees there’s a sale for stickers, pins, coasters, or whatever it is they’re offering, he immediately goes to his team and asks for ideas. It’s a great team bonding experience to throw out ideas and dive into small debates as to why a specific design should win (this time around). Ultimately, all ideas are good ideas, and there are always more Sticker Mule offers to throw that idea out again.

Most people know word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool there is. Having stickers makes it easy for people to notice and start talking about your brand. Even if you’re just out and about with your emotional support water bottle. (Yes we all have one too).

Custom stickers can boost brand awareness and create a positive buzz for your business. That’s why we make stickers that we love to put on our personal belongings and not just leave at the office, so we’re spreading awareness all the time, and not just during office hours.

But it’s not only stickers we use Sticker Mule for. A couple of other favorites include coasters, magnets, keychains, and even bumper stickers. We’re constantly handing out all of our Sticker Mule designs to clients, friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors so the word of our business gets spread even further!

Sticker Mule has been a huge help in making Stay Calm Industries so unique and we always look forward to creating new designs with them to help share our brand with the world.

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