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  • Jesse Honigberg


Updated: Nov 2, 2021

For the past six decades, Bethlehem Sewerage has been the most reliable Septic System company in the Lehigh Valley area. Situated in Bethlehem PA, Hiram Sinift Jr. started the company in 1954. Today, his son, Hiram Sinift III, runs the business along with his wife and two daughters, carrying out his father’s legacy. Since then, they’ve done a great job providing services to their customers and continue to be a dependable business, focusing on personalized service, customer satisfaction, and competitive rates. Bethlehem Sewerage offer a ton of services, including excavation, water and sewer lines, grease traps, sinkhole repair, drainage, and more.

Companies like Bethlehem Sewerage are absolutely essential for residential homes and buildings, so we want locals to know about them. First, we made a new website, showing their hours, contact information, and each of their services complete with new logos and designs.

We assisted with marketing collateral to help support their services, including some Youtube clips and a photo shoot of them working in action. Thank you, Bethlehem Sewerage, for helping the people of Lehigh Valley for the past 65 years!


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