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  • Jesse Honigberg

CASE STUDY - Gaucho Grills

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Gaucho Grills is rooted in Argentine tradition. Its founder, Eduardo Pentz, was born in Bueno Aires and immigrated to Bucks County, Pennsylvania to become a mechanical engineer, combining his passion of building and cooking into his work of crafting some of the best grills. From early memories of asados with his family in Argentina, to grilling in the snow in his backyard after moving to America, Ed has always loved cooking for family and friends.

“I wanted to create a grill that would allow me to cook for family and friends, but that would encompass the natural elements that are missing in the traditional gas grills found in most people’s backyards,” Ed recalls. “I wanted the grilling experience to be natural, social, and ultimately tastier. That was the grill I remembered from my youth and what I wanted to take to the next level here in our shop.”

From meats and seafood to veggies and appetizers, the wood-fired embers can cook up all of your favorite food. Gaucho Grills has always been a great client of ours, which is why we’re proud of the work we’ve done with them in web design, branding, and marketing. Let's take a look at the work we collaborated on and executed!


BRANDING We updated their logo, cleaning it up and adding new font, since their original was not doing them justice and didn’t match up with the quality of their grills. Since they make grills, we wanted their logo to literally look like it was “hot branded” straight on.

We made a white design with red perimeter surrounded by a black circle. Combined with a western “Ranch” font, and a typeface that makes the G’s look like flames, this gives Gaucho Grills a visual that’s reminiscent of their upbringings. This logo is their grill ID badge, going on each of their beautifully-made stainless grills.


WEBSITE Gaucho Grills are sturdy, premium grills. They make a beautiful, hand built, made-in-America product, but their website was pretty rough. It didn't match up to the quality of their grills, plus it was expensive, difficult to maintain, and they couldn't work on it themselves.

Because of that, we built a website that informs, offers help, and makes it as easy as possible to order a grill. We spent weeks working with Gaucho Grills to determine the best customer flow to optimize sales, and reduce abandoned carts. Since most of their sales come directly from their website (around 70%), we added an e-commerce option to make buying a grill online a frictionless experience for customers.

Their website is regularly updated, and its simple layout makes it easy to learn about the many grill options and accessories. The site includes their blog, a customer grill showcase, recipes, and tips on both grilling and installing a Gaucho Grill. Overall, you’ll find all the information you need on how to effectively use their products, which are all 100% manufactured in the USA.


MARKETING To help with their marketing, we took new pictures of all their grills and products, designed new business cards, trifolds, handouts, and t-shirts! It’s important to get the Gaucho Grills name out there, and showcasing their style and brand identity allows them to stand out among their competition.

We also worked with another client of ours, Julissa Roberts, to create a series of cooking videos showing off a gaucho grill making high-quality, delicious food. We’ve continued to make them content, spending hours in the sweltering summer heat cooking up some delicious grub!

We’ve held photo shoots over the summer for them, which are used for both their Instagram, strong at over 10K followers, and website blog section in their “Grill Showcase.” We also have been writing newsletters for their website and running advertisement campaigns on Facebook.

Since working with them for the past two years, their sales have increased roughly 50% over the past four years. We love working with a company that offers a unique twist to traditional grilling, and it’s great to see them continue growing. Thanks for everything you do, Gaucho Grills!


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