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  • Jesse Honigberg


Updated: Nov 2, 2021

We loved the work that we did with Live Well Lehigh Valley, which highlights entrepreneurs, local businesses, restaurants, and events that focus on wellness and sustainability. Founded by local Lehigh Valleyians Stephanie Eckelkamp, Nina Elias, and Siobhan DeRemer, these three women all came from the beauty, food, and nutrition journalism world, and decided to start this business of their own. Live Well Lehigh Valley gives nutritional advice and information, such as delicious (and healthy) recipes, weekly blog posts, and so much more.

To help spread their message of sustainability and wellness, we wanted to create a seamless website that knows who their visitors are, and gives them a reason to come back again and again. That’s why we gave the creators space to share their recipes, blogs, incoming events, and videos showing what they do.

“Since all three women came from the magazine world, we tried to make the website design to look like a magazine,” explained Evan. “We stuck with very thin line weights, no weight negative space already defined by their brand standards, and very simple colors of white and green that were already well-defined. We were looking at narrow columns of text, which look good and are easy on the eyes to read.”

“It was important to concentrate on large, big banner images that allow for the text and headline overlays, along with making it simple to edit and build an article of their own with SquareSpace. In addition, we created summary pages for them to update the blog in one place, then depending on the tags and categories, it updates various pages and summaries on the site so that story will show up in various parts of the website, whether it’s the food, restaurant, or blog section.”

This website design makes it very visual and fun for readers to discover new content, showing sidebars with related or featured articles. We also added a calendar built into the the website so they can post events of their own and other around the Lehigh Valley.

A project we worked on in conjunction with them was a video highlighting Lehigh Valley kombucha Lehigh Valley Kombucha. We go in-depth on how the popular ancient, nutrient-packed drink is made and the ways it helps you, with an interview with the owner, Gary, on how the business started.

“We met them up on their old production facility on top of a mountain outside of Emmaus. We got some interview footage with Gary, set up two cameras, and then took it home and put it all together,” said Evan. It was a business profile, and lots of fun to make! We put it on YouTube, which allowed the Live Well Lehigh Valley team to take that and embed it into their website, put in on Facebook, and anywhere else they need.”

We love the way Live Well Lehigh Valley’s website looks and feels. We’re proud of the work we did with this local business!

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Aug 28, 2023

Hello, I noticed that your YouTube video has become unavailable. Maybe you should change the format of your video? For example can help you with this and you can upload a video to your article.

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