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  • Jesse Honigberg

WEBSITE + BRANDING - City View Sound

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Looking to record a song, make a film, or create a podcast? If you are, City View Sound has got you covered. A young and innovative audio engineer, Jake DeBlasio has had over 8 years of audio editing, mixing, and mastering experience. He’s built his own production and recording studio specialized for music and film. Jake believes that his work is more than just recording and mixing, but it’s also about working with personalities, getting to know his clients, and building a sound that makes each individual project stand out among the rest.

We helped Jake create a new website to show off his work. On the homepage, you’ll find City View Sound’s music and audio services, which includes mixing, recording, editing, mastering, and songwriting. There is also a list of the many artists Jake has worked with, including musicians and bands (with links to their Spotify), along with audio production work for films.

To make his brand to stand out more, we designed their logo using a bold Alfa Slab One font and a thick square border. His studio rests upon a mountain, overlooking the beautiful town of Nazareth, so we made a red “City View” design with the phrase “A Modern Audio Studio,” showing that they have all the tools necessary to record at a high production value. We also made some other cool graphic designs for t-shirts, hoodies, pens, stickers, pins, and other merch!

In addition, we had a photoshoot at Jake’s studio, showing off his state-of-the-art equipment, instruments, and awesome setup. City View Sound records weekly live performances at the studio for their artists on their YouTube page. Check it out! Jake does all the videography, and there are some great performances by a number of diverse musicians and bands. It’s a pleasure working with City View Sound, and we highly recommend reaching out if you’re looking to record some music!


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