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  • Jesse Honigberg

WEBSITE - Flemington Area Food Pantry

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Located in Hunterdon County, the Flemington Area Food Pantry provides food and personal care items to those affected by food insecurity and poverty. They are dependent on generous donations of food and funds, providing supplemental groceries to about 1,200 families of all nationalities and backgrounds. Especially in these trying times today, it’s important that those families continue to rely on food banks as a means to provide hunger relief.

In our efforts to assist non-profit organizations, we made them a website that includes general information about their mission, ways to donate food and money, their sponsors, and opportunities to volunteer, including special events such as their Empty Bowl lunch, raffles, food drives, and birthday bags. We’re proud of the work that this nonprofit has accomplished, and enjoyed assisting them in their mission to reach out to those in need.


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