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  • Jesse Honigberg


Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Dillon Fretz is a longtime client and friend of ours. His company, Fretzwerks, is one of the few shaving businesses that actually restores custom razors. If you’re a shaving connoisseur, you want something different, or you’re looking to have a shaving experience similar to your granddads, Fretzwerks offers beautiful custom restored shorty straight razors that make for a quality, clean wet shave. Discovering his passion after finding his great-grandpa’s shaving equipment, Dillon appreciates wet shaving as both a piece of history and an art form, as he discusses in the video we made for him back in 2015.

Dillon was primarily on Instagram, and wanted to jump to the next level with a well-designed website, along with a refreshed logo. The Fretzwerks website has all of Dillon’s custom and restored razors, along with a few of his nice, clean brushes. The e-commerce feature makes it so you can easily buy his products online.

To make his brand strong and identifiable, we designed a custom logo that looks new and fresh, yet still keeps that old-time feel that the company deeply appreciates. In our graphic design efforts, we printed business cards, stickers, and packaging to help get his name out there. Thank you Fretzwerks, for all that you’ve done and your great product!


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