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  • Jesse Honigberg


Updated: Nov 2, 2021

When building the Snowscapes website, a tree removal and snow management company in the Lehigh Valley, we wanted to show the owner, Andy Carr, along with his crew working in action. This involves difficult crane work in high places, technical expertise, and doing the work in a timely manner, whether it’s removing shrubs, stumps, tall trees, or snow (it’s in the name after all). We provide their general information, such as services, pictures, and contact information, but we loved making content that is showcased on the site.

“I met the owner at a networking site,” mentions Evan. “He was a real professional, him and his team, so we built them a strong one page website that tell you who they are, what they’re about, where they do, and how they do it. It features the Angie’s list and service providers awards of the year. Working with one of the freelancers we’ve collaborated with before, Jason Belkow, we helped with the creation of three unique videos showing different scenarios of tree removal, whether it’s when a huge storm hits, or to eradicate the spread of the Spotted Lanternfly (quite the invasive species in PA). The videos tells stories and testimonials from Andy, and our goal was to visually see the workers removing and shredding trees to show customers what they’re about.

“Another important feature was their commitment to donating a dollar per tree they cut down to have a new tree planted,” explains Evan. “It helps them look applicable to a younger market that’s concerned with environmental issues and deforestation. They care about the environment, and the trees are being cut down for a purpose, whether it’s in a dangerous area or it’s about to fall over on its own.”

We’re very proud of the work they do during all four seasons, proving to be an important company serving the Lehigh Valley. We love the way the site looks and feels, especially with the live action home screen. Thank you Snowscapes for everything you do, and we’re happy to have worked with such an incredible and reputable business!

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Tyler Scott
Tyler Scott
Mar 30

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