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  • Jesse Honigberg

WEB DESIGN + BRANDING - Willow Brook Horse Farm and Golf Course

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

A hidden gem in the Lehigh Valley, the Willow Brook Golf Course in Catasqua, PA offers an incredible, fun challenge for golfers of every level. Not only is it a golf course, but it’s also surrounded by their scenic equestrian farm, right alongside the Catasauqua Creek.

Willow Brooks Farms has a long history in the valley, having the town of Fullerton named after them, along with streets, factories, and more. Founded by Colonel James W. Fuller, it begun as a horse breeding site in hopes of living the American dream and owning some of the finest horses in the country. Before his untimely death, he purchased the largest Percheron in the world from Belgium. His son, C. Thomas Fuller, would eventually take their horse breeding farm to the next level.

Following WWII and earning a college education, Tom lived in Willow Brook with his wife and three children. During the 1960s, he purchased a stallion named Joe Cody, who won 13 AQHA champions and sired 324 foals. Over the years, Willow Brook became a powerhouse for the most competitive racehorses, building talents such as High Proof, Top Sail Cody, Benito Paprika, and many others. As an owner, Tom worked with around 185 performers, earning him over 3,5000 AQHA points, 10 AQHA champions, 15 all-around winders, and an impressive 736 foals. Safe to assume, this guy was an all-around badass.

Recent development for Willow Brook including rebuilding their family property to something even more special: a small town. Along with their golf course and horse farm, they are developing homes, apartments, shops, activities, restaurants, and a vibrant community. In order for this to happen, they need someone to market it.

First, we rebuilt both websites for their horse farm and golf course. Then, we made new logos and branding materials for each business, while ensuring they will work with the eventual branding of the town they’re going to become. Next, we created signage, weighed in on interior design, assisted with the clubhouse’s new menu, and branded and marketed their rodeo show. If you love horses and want to have fun at a rodeo, or just enjoy a nice game of golf, come visit Willow Brook Farms in bucollic Catasqua!


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