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  • Jesse Honigberg

WEB DESIGN - Local Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Freelancers

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

MONOTONE FITNESS COACHING Looking to follow through on your New Year’s Resolutions? Inside the Doylestown Fitness Center, Monica Montone runs her own business, Monotone Fitness Coaching, following her passion of helping those with strength and training. A nationally certified personal trainer and ranked bodybuilder, Monica educates and designs fitness programs, striving to assist people in long-term health benefits of strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular work.

We had a fun photoshoot for the website! Our site design services allowed Monica to spread her business to a wider audience online, allowing easy contact for important information such as class, fitness coaching, youth education, and exercise strength conditioning. She works with everyone, whether it’s individuals, partners, small groups, or team training session (and includes special student discount rates. From workout program design to nutritional counseling, Montone Fitness Coaching has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy workout facility.


LAW OFFICES OF LINDA LUTHER-VENO Making your business the best it can be is a priority at Stay Calm Industries. No matter what industry, web design and branding have become important features that makes what you love stand out. With the Law Offices of Linda Luther-Veno, our goal was to make a sleek, professional, and detailed website about their high quality legal services, areas of practice, and the expertise provided by Linda. She specializes many areas such as elder law, medicaid application, and serious injuries & death.

With these varied law firm practices, we provide in-depth descriptions of each application, including guardianship, decedents’ estate/probate, wills, trusts, and estate planning. The “about” section has Linda’s background (education, practices, associations) and a simple form of contact information. If a visitor of the site isn’t quite familiar with everything there is about her areas of practice, we have written a comprehensive list of questions and answers that provides all the basics and legal terms that come along with elder law and estate administration.


CREEKY BOTTOM BRACKET Interested in learning about cycling culture? Well look no further! A great client of ours, CJ, began his business - - to give people unfiltered and candid articles about bikes, fun events, shaving, coffee stops, and libations off the bicycle. Using SquareSpace, he can regularly post weekly blogs, and our website allows him to easily manage his work. We also designed his logo, showing off his handy skills of fixing bike gears. We enjoyed working with this local professional, and glad to still see him active and involved with his passion!


WOLK SERVICES Collaboration with entrepreneurs and freelancers is something we take pride in. Claudine Wolk, owner of Wolk Services, teaches you important skills from author/publisher service, social media, and content creation, to author branding, blogger outreach, copywriting, and editing. She’s an author, radio host on WDVR 89.7 FM, and a mother of three living in bucolic Bucks County, Pennsylvania. In fact, she wrote a book about finding solutions that all mother face called “It Gets Easier!…And Other Lies We Tell New Mothers!”

She has the true spirit of an entrepreneur, which we always love to see. The creation of her website is straightforward, nothing too fancy, but it gives information on all of her services, a short biography, a link to her blog that she uses for book reviews, and a simple way of contact. We came up with graphic designs that represent each of her skills in an effective manner. Always a pleasure to work with such great individuals!


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