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Stay Calm Industries is a full-service creative marketing agency based out of Allentown, PA. We are a small, talented team that shows the world how great you are.

Branding is more than a logo, it’s everything that represents your company. We bring your company to life and create the space it needs to be its own entity.

Media selection, copywriting, and interaction management; it’s all part of creating and growing your presence online.

Your website is your hardest-working employee. We’ll use our years of experience to build you an effective, useful digital coworker that achieves your goals and doesn't ask for a raise.

 Expand your audience, gain more followers, and make more sales. We craft effective campaigns that reach your goals while coming in on time and on budget.

meet the team


the process




First, we talk. We’ll have a conversation about your idea, project, or company so we can create a solid strategy. 


Next is discovery. We pride ourselves on learning as much about you and your industry as possible. We want to be sure what we are creating makes sense for you, not just for anyone, or even just anyone in your field. We’ll make you stand out.

Time to get to work. We create the thing it is you need from us. Whether it’s a website, new brand, photoshoot, beautiful print material, a social media plan and media calendar, digital advertising, or almost anything else you can imagine. There will be weekly status updates, emails, and reviews.

Your website is done, your ads are up and running, your photos are ready, your print materials are delivered, your social media is taking off. What happens next all depends. Was this a one-off project, like branding? Let's get you strong ad campaigns and social media to ensure people see your beautiful new brand. Are we already on retainer? Let's keep going.

We make great work with great people. Lets talk.

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