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A newcomer to the natural deodorant market, Bassa Body began working with Stay Calm Industries to assist in launching their brand across the board. With a ambitious goal to make a big splash in the industry right from the start, we collaborated with the Bassa Body team to set them up for success on a variety of fronts including branding, competitive analysis, pricing strategy, labeling/packaging, and their website.


  • Branding

  • Marketing

  • Web Design


In search of a brand that was reflective of Bassa Body's core philosophy and Liberian roots, the Stay Calm Industries worked intimately with this client to create their logo, iconography, fonts, tagline, and all other aspects of their brand standards. We wanted to reflect the natural ingredients used in the deodorants, so we built a color pallet that conveyed this. Our team even crafted the phrase that perfectly sums up the goal of their product, "Smell Good. Feel Good. Be Good."

From there we applied this branding to product labels, packaging for online orders, and the Bassa Body website. We ensured that any time a potential or existing customer encountered the Bassa Body brand, the presence was consistent, impactful, and engaging.


Being involved with the early stages of a brand launch provided us with the opportunity to have an intricate role that transcended the marketing strategy, assisting with foundational business planning as well. Our team was keenly in tune with the needs of Bassa Body, as we got closer to launch, performing market research on the growing natural deodorant business, doing competitive analysis on a variety of other natural deodorant brands (both big players and newcomers alike), and developing pricing strategy informed by industry standards and guided by our research.

To best set Bassa Body up for success, we assisted in identifying the key target demographics for marketing the products, building out demographic and psychographic data surrounding the buyer personas that we built. From that we built recommendations on ways to best communicate to these audiences on the platforms that will appeal to them most.


Since the Bassa Body product line does not have a brick-and-mortar storefront, it made our approach to their website even more critical. We wanted to ensure that the brand was strongly represented while conveying their messaging in a clear and concise way, providing visitors with valuable content to educate them and drive them to take action. In addition, we needed to create a digital storefront to serve as the primary sales hub for Bassa Body. In building the website, we successfully created a comprehensive resource for both education and ecommerce while putting the brand head and shoulders above other startups in the natural deodorant industry.

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