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BRANDING + WEB DESIGN - The Historic Easton Cemetery

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

The Historic Easton Cemetery is more than just a burial ground. During the day, it serves as a beautiful park, great for dog-walking, deer-watching, photography, or just a quiet spot for reflection. It is an outdoor sculpture garden with Victorian gravestones carved as angels, obelisks, tree trunks, and more.

It’s on the National Register of Historic Places, meaning it’s worthy of preservation. However, unlike most historic cemeteries, the Easton Cemetery is still active, and burials occur on a regular basis. The cemetery also offers guided walking tours to learn more about notable people buried there.

Operating since 1849, the Historic Easton cemetery is a history book waiting to be opened. Among the 29,000 burials are many important 18th and 19th century figures from Pennsylvania, such as James Madison Porter, the founder of Lafayette College; George Taylor, a signer of the Declaration of Independence; and Belle Archer, known as the most photographed stage actress of the 1890s.

To help the people of the Lehigh Valley learn more about the cemetery’s history, we built a brand and a website that educates visitors while informing them of the many burial options offered. This cemetery has historical resonance, so we created short biographies of each notable individual and where they are buried.

We want people to know that this is no ordinary cemetery, so we designed a new logo showing off its National Register status while being respectable and trustworthy, and still being accessible to younger generations. While cemeteries are not the ideal hangout spot for younger folk (especially those that don’t want to think about their own mortality), we wanted the cemetery to be presented as the scenic park it was originally created as, while also respecting those buried there.

With a refreshed brand (including new business cards and letterhead) and website, we hope that the Historic Easton Cemetery can be a place that both locals and visitors can appreciate and enjoy. If you're looking to go outside and enjoy the Lehigh Valley, visit this hidden gem!


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