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INTERN - Jesse Honigberg

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Hey everyone, my name is Jesse Honigberg, and I’m excited to work for Stay Calm Industries as an Intern this summer! Going into the summer, I knew I wanted to stay in Allentown and find work related to media and marketing. I saw Stay Calm Industries while looking online, applied, received an e-mail five minutes later from Evan, and the rest is history. I’ll be writing blog posts twice a week for the summer to keep you updated on what’s happening with our business. But more about me!

Some useful facts about Jesse – I enjoy gardening, video games, playing music with my homies, baseball, long walks on the beach, good journalism, and all sorts of art. I’ll be a Senior at Muhlenberg College (Go Mules!) majoring in Media/Communication with a double minor in Music and Creative Writing.

Music is a big passion of mine; I love going to concerts, and collecting vinyl. I also play both electric and upright bass for the Muhlenberg Jazz Big Band, along with many other ensembles and bands.

I hail from the land of Cheese, Milwaukee Wisconsin, home of lots of beer, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, cows, Wayne’s World, and butterburgers (which is exactly what it sounds like). Here in the East coast, I love going to Wawa (we don’t have that in the Midwest so it’s a big deal here).

I’m excited to work for this company and see what the future holds! Look out for more blog posts coming soon.

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