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PROFILE - Lottie Castronova

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

We’d like to (finally) introduce an employee of Stay Calm Industries, Lottie Castronova! She’s our social media coordinator, working with our clients to manage their online presence. Lottie graduated from East Stroudsburg University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, focusing on Public Relations and Social Media, and has years of experience in marketing and advertising, including writing blogs, creating content, and managing social media.

A picture of Lottie hanging on a wall
Our August Employee of the Month… congrats Lottie!

Lottie is always there behind the scenes of our many projects, whether it’s photoshoots, creating video content, or just what’s happening at the office. When asked what she thinks of the job and how it’s progressed over the past year, she replied “Overall, I love it! The work started off pretty basic, making a post once a week for our Instagram, but once we signed Iceland Catch, I started full time and we’ve been booming picking up more social media clients.”

Describing the process of running social media, Lottie loves helping out small businesses and learning more from the content she helps create. For example, with a client like Iceland Catch, much of their content revolves around recipes, nutritional information, fun facts about fish, and lots about Icelandic culture.

When asked about any advice for running social media content, she believes that “constant research” is essential for gaining a full understanding of a company and how their content should be created.

“It’s never going to be like ‘I know enough!’’ said Lottie. “It really pushes me to be current and keep learning about what goes into the company we’re working with."

Lottie creates style guides for each business’s social media, which is a great resource that include a page’s theme, color, tone, and other stylistic guidelines, as well as important rules for social media, such as how to respond to certain question in the DMs. She also likes using the app Over, which gives her more designs and themes to work with while making an Instagram story. Here’s some of her work for Iceland Catch, Sette Luna!, and Gaucho Grills!

Our employees are what make all this possible. Their opinions matter and their voices are heard. When it comes to working at SCI, we pay attention to the creative ideas each one of our employees bring to the table. It’s a major part of our culture.

Lottie’s efforts in creating social media content, growing communities, and representing the human side of our clients businesses have made a huge impact for our clients. Thank you for all of your hard work! Excited to see what work lies ahead.

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