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  • Jesse Honigberg

BRANDING + WEB DESIGN - Village Publishing + PACE

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

One of our clients at SCI, Village Publishing, is a company that has offered child custody, family/parenting tests, and assessment instruments since 1987. These tests provide comprehensive, valuable information on children using multi-source assessment, 360 degree feedback, and much more. At first being used for forensic studies in child custody evaluations, it is now availiable to the public for general use for parents and their children, along with mental health professionals such as psychologists, clinical social workers, marriage counselors, and therapists.

For their brand identity, Village Publishing was looking a little homespun after 37 years in business. When making their logo, we cleaned them up, set their name in Futura, and chose clean, professional colors. The book and house in their logo symbolize VP’s openness to helping families and children.

Village Publishing’s original website could only accept payment through PayPal. They had a clunky, difficult to use e-commerce site that was hurting sales. We built a new site that took out the friction in ordering testing supplies, and make everything easier to find. Under their products, you can find all of their education commodities, custody assessment tests, and kits online.

Two of the most well-known experts in child custody, Dr. Barry Brinklin and Dr. Gail Elliot, also work for the Professional Academy of Custody Evaluators (PACE). They help parents find child custody evaluators in their city and state, and have been recognized as a national mental health professional organization since 1991. Working alongside VP, we helped PACE with their website and brand standards. Their website has general information about who they are, and a member search from all 50 states (including Puerto Rico and Canada). Overall, we’re proud to work with such reputable companies in website and logo design!


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