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  • Jesse Honigberg


Updated: Nov 2, 2021

In the peaceful community of Emmaus, PA, Triple Sun Spirits serves as a community-based, artisanal distillery, crafting ultra-premium spirits to create satisfying cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. Starting in 2016, what began as a hobby quickly turned into an obsession for Kristofer Kwant, who brewed beer with his father for the past 15 years.

Triple Sun Spirits needed help selling more of their liquors and spirits, so we helped them with a new, clean website. This includes an online shop with their many varieties of spirits, such as whiskey, gin, rum, and bourbon.

On the website, there is information on distillery tours, their tasting rooms in Emmaus and Newton, a shop button with all their different spirit options, and a button to book an event. We had a photoshoot at their distillery for the website, and made videos promoting their product. In addition, we also made package designs for their products. Here’s the two piece label we made for them below that we spotted out in the wild one night! We enjoyed our time working with Triple Sun Spirits, and we appreciate their product and business.


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