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WEB DESIGN - Gaucho Grills

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Gaucho Grills is rooted in Argentine tradition. Its founder, Eduardo Pentz, was born in Bueno Aires and immigrated to Bucks County, Pennsylvania to become a mechanical engineer. He started his own precision CNC machining business called EMP Industries Inc., and has been providing machine design and prototypes services, CNC machining, fabrication, and assembly services to consumer products for nearly three decades.

Along with his love of building and working with his hands, Ed also has a deep passion for cooking. From early memories of asados with his family in Argentina, to grilling in the snow in his backyard after moving to America, Ed has always loved cooking for family and friends.

Frustrated with the limitations of standard American style charcoal and gas grills, Ed decided to build his own grill based off traditional Argentine design and parrilla style grilling in his machine shop. When friends started asking him for their own Argentine grills, a business was born, combining American precision craftsmanship and Latin flair to create Gaucho Grills.

“I wanted to create a grill that would allow me to cook for family and friends, but that would encompass the natural elements that were missing in the traditional gas grills found in most people’s backyards,” Ed recalls. “I wanted the grilling experience to be natural, social, and ultimately tastier. That was the grill I remembered from my youth and what I wanted to take to the next level here in our shop.”

As a web design and marketing agency, we wanted to help promote the Gaucho Grills brand, so we built them a new website. Their original website was difficult to maintain and expensive. Since most of their sales come directly from their website (around 70%), we wanted to make buying a grill online a frictionless experience for customers. Using Squarespace, their website is regularly updated, and its simple scroll-down layout makes it easier to navigate through the many grill options and accessories.

We also re-designed their logo, since their original was not doing them justice and didn’t match up with the quality of their grills. Overall, we’re happy to see the Gaucho Grill brand grow and expand while maintaining a standard that is sure to outlast any other grill on the market.

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