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WEBSITE - Allentown Economic Development Corporation

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Over the past year, we have been working with the Allentown Economic Development Corporation on marketing. This includes big projects like new logos for their sub-brands, and a newly redesigned website. Our goal was to create something that clearly explains the organization’s mission, making it easier for the public to learn what they do.

“The website is there to educate and convert traffic into clients,” explains Evan. “Specifically for the AEDC, that is incubator tenants, loans, and real estate.”

“The new site brings AEDC current with the design trends and best practices for websites today,” said Bridgeworks Enterprise Center Program Manager Anthony Durante. “It simplifies how users can find out more about what AEDC does and then connect with us.”

The AEDC established a comprehensive marketing plan, which included a rebranding initiative with an updated logo and companion logos for its three key business areas – Bridgeworks, Urban Made, and Urban Sites. The next step in rebranding was a redeveloped website that features a user-friendly, responsive design, allowing for an improved customer experience.

The first step for the website was to create a wireframe (a rough blueprint) for the site. This gives the client a sense of what the layout of the new site is going to look like and how customers flow through the site.

“We were able to look at this wireframe and see everything all at once,” says Evan. “It’s a valuable planning tool for web design, so that a customer can sign off on something before we spend hours on building a prototype website.”

Looking at the website, the homepage has a simple layout that shows who the AEDC is, what they do, and their three sub-brands. Clicking each sub-brand will lead you to what each service provides.

· Bridgeworks explains what the business incubation program is and how it works. It also includes information about the Makerspace and the MAKE Lehigh Valley initiative, where builders can work on projects with the necessary tools provided.

· Urban Made discusses how the AEDC helps local manufacturing companies grow and reviews the many loan programs it manages.

· Urban Sites reviews the nonprofit organization’s capabilities with brownfield redevelopment of existing manufacturing sites.

· News section features recent press releases and blog posts describing work done at the AEDC.

· About section recaps the organization’s 40-year legacy of success dating back to 1979.

After we developed a strong layout, we started to create content for the website. We built custom graphics, wrote the descriptions for the individual sub-brands, outlined each step of the business incubation process, discussed loan & incentive programs, and talked about the past and present projects from the AEDC. Marco Calderon Photography provided us with professional pictures of the Bridgeworks Flex Office & Coworking space, along with an inside look of the many office spaces that the AEDC makes available for use.

Once we had all the content laid out, we built the actual website, slotting in information, graphics, and photos as we went. Once we had a working site, it was time for another round of reviews. We presented the site to key stakeholders, including AEDC staff and board members.

Taking their feedback and input into account, we revised the site, and performed another client feedback loop. Once everything was ready to go, we did a final review with a copy editor and developer onsite so we were able to quickly and easily make any needed changes. When we launched the site, we continued to monitor for any broken redirects, 404 errors, or missing content.

“Moving forward the new brand, look, and messaging will be pushed out in all of our marketing tactics, including email marketing, print and digital advertising campaigns, social media and even onsite signage,” said Scott Unger, Executive Director of AEDC.

The AEDC is a very important client of ours that has done a lot for the city of Allentown. We are proud to be working with a company that plays such a vital role to the Lehigh Valley’s economic development and job employment.

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