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  • Jesse Honigberg

WEBSITE + BRANDING - Rose Candy Cinema and Modern Story

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

An ambitious and passionate director, Jason Belkov is able to create videos with beautiful imagery, innovative editing, and purposeful artistry. We worked with him on the creation of two websites and identity packages for both of his businesses, Rose Candy Cinema and Modern Story.

“Jason did a lot of drone work, and both commercial and wedding video. He decided to split his company into two: Rose Candy Cinema for the wedding work, and Modern Story to handle the corporate work,” said Evan. “He came up with the name, and we created an identity package, designed and built a new website featuring all the brides, their stories, the videos he created, what venue, the other freelancers he worked with, and links out to all of those as well.”

Rose Candy Cinema is a quality service specializing in wedding videography and photography run by Jason Belkov. His company has won many awards, including the Couple’s Choice Award three times in a row, along with a nominee for the “Most Emotional Moment in a Wedding Film” at Wedding Film Awards for LoveStoriesTV. Simply put, Jason’s mission is to understand the couples connection and make it speak visually, taking the time to know the couple throughout the journey. His videos are perfect for delivering online and showing friends and family.

Our site showcases nine different couples and their stories, quotes from happy clients, a bio on Jason, and contact information. Jason loves what he does, and his organized creative process around his videography revolves around getting to know the couples he works with to make them the best they can be, whether through brunches, phone calls, or questionnaires. We wanted that friendliness and hospitality to reflect his identity package, so we created a logo with the dark, warm colors of pink and purple with a rose design symbolizing love and romance.

In addition, the Modern Story website we created display’s more of Jason’s professional work. His boutique production agency tells stories that drive emotion, using the best cameras, gear, and techniques to create a natural, authentic look and feel.

He’s partnered with big names such as MasterCard and Budweiser, along with other businesses in the restaurant industry, disease-prevention initiatives, and musicians. His website is straightforward, showing the videos he’s made with summaries for each. The branding and identity package work led to an effective logo with different shades of blue presented in a 2x2 square. We loved the way his websites and logos turned out, and we enjoy continuing to work with Jason on more future projects!


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