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  • Jesse Honigberg

VIDEO PRODUCTION - Carroll’s Jewelers

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Here’s a throwback! This is an advertisement video we made for Carroll’s Jewelers, a jewelry store in Doylestown, PA. They wanted a well-produced advertisement video showing off their collection of engagement rings, watches, wedding bands, and beautiful jewelry. Being one of our first clients, we wanted to show our creativity in content creation. We made a brief minute and a half video, explaining how diamonds are formed from underneath the earth’s surface to your local jewelry store.

The video is heavily inspired by Casey Neistat, a filmmaker and YouTuber known for his vlogs. It took a few months to complete, from constructing the papier-mâché molten planets and baking soda volcanoes, to the legos and video production. It was one of our first projects, and something we’re still proud of (also one of our most viewed videos!)


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